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How Did my Window Become Foggy?

Trying to learn how did my window become foggy? Condensation moisture can form on glass on the inside of a thermal pane window giving it a fogged appearance. The condensation moisture can form on the glass inside of your home. (In-between the glass panes on the inside of a thermal pane unit in your house). If you are having trouble with condensation you may have a moisture issue with your thermal pane window. The moisture can come from a few different sources such as your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. The common home temperature inside is approximately 70°F but the outside temperature can have around 32°F. The moisture will collect inside of the thermal pane unit (in-between the glass) because your glass is not as insulated as the walls are. Normally you will not see moisture collect during the warmer months only when it is cold outside, the reason being your glass is a moisture collector in winter.

How Did my Window Become Foggy?

There is no easy way to explain how did my window become foggy or the cause of fog or cloudiness and how to prevent it. Once the seal fails in your thermal pane unit the argon gas escapes – while a lot of other things can be causing the fogs, water vapors and dust have the highest humidity in the environment and have been blamed for many foggy windows. In fact, there is evidence that moisture in damp environments can cause fogginess. It gets even worse once the window has been cracked (if you did anything, or even if you did nothing) with a thermal pane unit failing and the frosting stuck into the cracks of the glass. These bad thermal plastic seals can be the cause of this moisture issue so that is the reason for this article. Frosted glass has a better thermal capability than a bare pane.

How Did my Window Become Foggy

Bad Thermal Pane Replacement

If you see moisture on the panes of your energy efficient windows and you cannot wipe it off that is because it is in-between the panes of glass. A bad thermal pane unit or seal failure can make it, so your windows become “foggy” or “cloudy” having a less than desirable viewing experience. This can be due to uneven or porous thermal panes, poor installation or a poorly designed thermal pane unit (TPU). If you need a thermal pane unit that is easy to install or to service, you are looking for a TPU that is both very reliable and durable. An example of a good TPU would be the TPUs we make from the same thermal design. These are all problems of the underlying hardware (glass or thermal). We recommend the use of a window film with an anti-glare or anti-reflective coating to prevent fogging or fogging of any type of film applied on the window.

New Double Pane Glass

A repair for windows and fog is usually something you have to replace rather than take out. Our team can remove your bad or foggy pane of glass and replace it with a new sealed thermal pane unit. We service all neighborhoods of Chicago and the surrounding suburban areas. Our glass repair services include: windows, trim, glass-panel replacement, window tint, window sealant, water-proofing and window repair. Glass repair is one that is very simple for us to do and a huge improvement for any home or small business. If the damage is caused by the wind or elements, we can perform a wind survey to determine where the damage has occurred. We inspect your windows in our window repair shop and take pictures of the affected area. While we are out of our shop and on the road for a day or two you can come to our shop (to learn how did my window become foggy) and we will conduct an inspection or visit this link to contact us today for a quote.

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